Contacts and Committees


If you have questions about the workshop’s program, venue, logistics, funding, or other details, contact:

Julie Rogers at, (520) 909-0534
Doug Cram, Ph.D. at, (575) 646-8130

For questions about the registration process, contact:

Betsy Newman at
Amy Wengert at


Doug Cram, Assistant Professor & Extension Wildland Fire Specialist, New Mexico State University
Julie Rogers, Fire-Adapted Communities Specialist, Tucson, Arizona

Steering Committee
Don Albrecht, Western Rural Development Center
Geoff Babb, Bureau of Land Management
Doug Cram, New Mexico Cooperative Extension
Catia Juliana, Association for Fire Ecology (web design)
Betsy Newman, Western Rural Development Center
Julie Rogers, Fire-Adapted Communities Specialist
Barbara Satink Wolfson, Southwest Fire Science Consortium

Program Committee
Doug Cram, New Mexico Cooperative Extension
Janean Creighton, Oregon Cooperative Extension
Stephen Fitzgerald, Oregon Cooperative Extension
Timothy Ingalsbee, Association for Fire Ecology
Christopher Jones, Arizona Cooperative Extension
Mike Kuhns, Utah Cooperative Extension
Glenn Nader, California Cooperative Extension
Steve Quarles, Institute for Business & Home Safety
Julie Rogers, Fire-Adapted Communities Specialist
JoAnne Skelly, Nevada Cooperative Extension
Ed Smith, Nevada Cooperative Extension
Cori Dolan, University of Arizona, School of Natural Resources & the Environment